Thursday, December 2, 2010

Music that I listen to and get inspired

I just recently discovered, on grooveshark, soundtracks. I like any Randy Newman soundtrack. I like "The Social Network" soundtrack. No words. Music makes me want to write, read, or create something. I have ideas that fill my head so journals work.

The news today ranged. It consisted of Aliens, Politicians, Birthdays, Hockey, and Lebron. It was a day that makes no sense but all the sense in the world. It would make Bill Cosby sad, mad, and happy. Bill Cosby quote. I don't know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is to try and please everyone. I will listen to the Star Wars soundtrack next and try to make the movie in my head, I call life, the way I planned it.

Carolla once said, "Smart is accomplishing goals you set." Tomorrow = discovery

Friday, November 26, 2010

Math Teacher and stories

I recently read Blankinships's associated press article.

The main reason I feel passionately about the article is that I have a story. I know what it was like to think that I could teach but I learned how to in these past 8 years, like a contractor learning to fix houses. Effective teaching increases, not by getting a masters, but with collaboration. A major issue is that parents don't take a test depicting who can have a child. Imagine if "A" parents were the only ones allowed to have children. We, the people of the US, all have to care for the children regardless of the parents effort. The tax system makes all of us pay, hence care. The parents (by the way I have great ones in the town I work in) are the purple elephant in the room and Bill Gates knows this but Blankinship took an angle (math term) and ran with it. Not your fault, money gets people passionate so well done. Real issue behind education, "Finding Superman" and "200 minutes" which do a decent job of explaining the plight, is best described in epilogue of this blog

Masters are all about collaboration with teachers. Masters degrees force teachers to talk and reflect on what works like doctors do. Sorry Blankinship but you missed something. You missed the point of education. Bring ideas, effort, visions, but most importantly people on this planet together for some project that is bigger than anyone. My story begins and end with people forcing me to think big. I thank my first Principal and vice principal, Mike D'Angelo and Tom Darby, for giving me a chance. See there is a story behind everyone you didn't see coming. I thank Laura Hoey, Ray Dewar, Mike Ward, and Mary Taylor my first bosses in Norton. I thank Stephen McNeil my boss from my Bentley College days. All of them collaborated with me on projects. The project was me. I use analogies from those experiences to know that time may be hard but we will make it work in education. I recognize the impact of these people, and if I ever write a book they will all get a paragraph.

Masters = not a major concern

Here is a poem that demonstrates the problem

How do I study material I don't want to own?
Everyday it’s harder to care without a safe and steady _________

Don't punish the yesterday while being advert
Reward people that have character, time, and effort

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am not for doing a project for projects sake. In the end you realize something about your self and whether you can work with people. Either at work or whereever you finally get a job lean into the discomfort and work well with others. I believe finding your groove or niche is the main thing I should focus on. I am not sure but when I hear things like, "every 5 to 10 years we should revisit the way we do things" I get chills. I can't remain stagnant. I like the idea that we are not working with perfection. The most creative idea I had for 2008 was that Romeo and Juliet was good but not the greatest that will ever be. There have been great stories since and they will get better, especially with movies that have new movie tricks like time travel. Movies are even getting more randomly creative. I think Jackass 3d is dumb but it is the new way of thinking. Throw out the old and start the new. I have to embrace the change even though I yearn for Unstoppable, New Tron, and I look forward to the new Little Fockers movie.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Social Network Movie

As a "late to the next big thing on the internet" guy I found the movie Social Network taking me through memories in my life I don't often think about, college. My main focus was learning back then. Unfortunately I made mistakes in those years while Mark Zuckerberg made millions. Sorry eventually billions. The truth is that by the end of the movie everyone thinks about what they would change. The only thing that matters is that you learn lessons. Mark lost his mind for one night and hurt some people. It is hard to say I would change anything about my life without acknowledging what Mark did in an interview with Diane Sawyer ( not in the movie) I know I would have made new different mistake and learned from them. You don't need a Harvard degree to know what works and doesn't work for you.

I hate that I missed hockey today. I hate that I didn't get to go out to football today. One thing I know is I won't let it make the next day a waste.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So after 6 years I returned to coaching high school soccer. I am proud of the JV girls and how they fought to the end. Running hard and under control with your head up is not always easy but when you put in effort it will come. These girls put in the effort and I hope they will bring a win home next game.

This makes me realize how much I extend myself. I feel better when I put myself into everything i do. I realize I am at the school a lot. I have the energy along with the feeling that everyone should succeed. I cringe when a student gets hurt on the field or embarrassed by strange unfortunates that life throws at everyone. I hope all kids feel a part.

Kids should feel a part of something at high school. Today a parent told me that because of what I told her oldest son, her youngest son is already being inundated with a message. The older brother tells the younger brother to be a part of some sport or club while in school. Public school needs that kind of involvement. The new movie "Waiting for Superman" is a documentary that will show the current state of public schools and how schools effect towns. That's all I will report until I see it. "Time" mag. makes it seem like it is well thought out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Movies Explode

This weekend will mark the climax to a surprisingly fantastic summer of films. I thought would be mediocre with no Potter, X-Men, Star Wars or action movie franchise. Instead the movies where nice, sentimental and fun. Number one Despciable Me, Number 2 Inception, Number three Toy Story. Honorable mention for Salt and The Other Guys. Oh and Don't forget the big weekend this week end. The Expendibles, Eat Pray Love, and Scott Pilgrim. Something for everyone.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Teaching MCAS Project Period C and E

Theme Song at beginning

B - Waffles
Toy Car
Theme- soundtrack
CD of music
Chain link fence
Hang a piece of paper
Hit Whiffle balls
Waffle house chocolate chips/strawberry

Coordinate Plane - Waffle morning
Area/ Perimeter – Waffle area – Perimeter Tape measure
Fractions – Recipe
Median – Hoedown