Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to the ice

"Back to the ice" is a saying that comes from being at hockey practice everyday from November to March. After March you are told, by the powers that be, that you have to leave your teamates and go home after school instead of the rink. But there was one big difference my senior year and no one has ever mentioned it until now, we couldn't give it up. All I kept thinking was that I don't want to leave this emotion. After we won our last game, there is no words to describe the feeling, no one left the locker room. The parents waited in the waiting room. No one left the empty rink, then someone jumped on the ice and everyone followed. This is a story very few ever heard. We played tag on the ice like we were a bunch of 2ND graders. We didn't leave we just ran and slid around. Hockey was so much to us that we couldn't leave. So when life gets too stressful and responsibilities seem too much to handle ( make sure that make you go outside your comfort zone) remember if you never try something you will never know. You can have the emotion of being young while you grow happily old. If you don't have a place any great moment will suffice. And I will always go back to the ice.

It feels good to just take a risk. When we won, I floated above my body and whatched 22 out of 26

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

David Blaine

Math is like magic.... It is out there to make you say Wow when you master it. My father even calls his high school students in Florida mathmagicians instead of mathematicians. I thought of that while David Blaine was on TV last night. It changed my life when I first learned magic wasn't real. Now all I have is the thrill of David Blaine hanging upside down trying to show me that magic is sometimes, in your mind, possible. Then he was preempted by the President for 15 minutes. How can the president be a terrible story teller yet still think he can convince the American people, that don't trust him , to give him 700 billion no stings attached dollars. I make fun of Mr. Taylor and other passionate 1984 book lovers. Don't stop teaching that book . All I know is future of the economy is unstoppable horrible without THE BUSH plan. The future like magic and math will always be out there no matter how much you try to stop it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I found the end

This story means that planet's orbitz may become unstable over time and planets may collide. Or, optio "b", someone may possess the power to cause planets to collide into each other. That is the ultimate weapon in the universe., not the death star like star wars fans may believe. If some alien has this power or planets orbits do become unstable with age either way it would make an interesting science fiction novel.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It is Spanish... I put my thoughts in ways most people understand. I think one sign of intelligence is being able to take two sides of the same story and understand that they may both be valid. Sometimes we worry and overthink until we get upset over one side's validity. My message is don't worry so much. Intelligence comes with reflecting and being able to share what everyone is thinking yet no seems willing to share, and that is not spanish.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What is school?

School is a vehicle to help find out who you are. Writing will show all your best qualities. History reveals our room to grow. And Math shows us our capacity to believe in truth. The well rounded student finds a way to grow every class every day.

I always said wellness, which including handball, basketball( I game at which I rule just ask keef and taylor) flag football, and floor hockey, is where a well rounded curriculum starts. I always said I was a coach first, I actually started coaching deck hockey when I was 18, because everything in sports is based on interacting with others. Sport allows us to be more than just some Norton guy or gal, we can be a teammate (I like the sound of that word, notice I didn't say captain). But your best quality shouldn't be a physical attribute. Your body can give out but your brain is less likely to pull a hammy. It would be great for you to be able to throw a ball 98 miles per hour, run the dash in sub 10 seconds, or fire a 100 mile per hour slap shot but if you can't interact by listening and communicating effectively with others no one will ever want to work with you. Your gift, your physical identity will never reach it's full potential, but your intellectual identity is limitless and writing anything will help it grow. I started writing my senior year in high school and it started with a play. I put it on with a little help from my friends and it was a great success. It was called "Bongo Baby". I even recieved offered from fellow classmates that wanted me to be in their play. I showed everyone that their offer was important and I did ever play I was asked to. I continue today to write and with every paper, essay, or memo I write I learn what my best attributes are. Do you know what your best qualities are? Try and write down 3.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The blog I posted looks at the textbook as tool. The educational tool of a textbook should supplement the class information and supply the student with a resource. Just using worksheets, we all love those, is not enough. Check the blog and let me know what you think of the activities.

Another great song Instant Karma by John Lennon. Remember shout it don't sing it.