Monday, June 8, 2009

Distance Problems

Draw a picture

#1) 2 trains depart from Pittsburgh . One train is traveling east at 40mph and one west at 30mph.
Write an equation to determine when the trains will be 245 miles apart. When will they be 245 miles apart?

Don't forget your heading.

#2) Two cylists begin traveling in the same direction on the same bike path. One travels at 20milesper hour, and the other travelign 14mph. When will the cyclists be 15 miles apart?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Studying is practice, just like sports

Today is the last day for seniors. If you study for your final you need to practice. Effort is the key to success. Practice is a big part to having efficacy.

I want questions. What does simplify mean? What does solve mean? What does verify mean? I just taught a Pre-calculus lesson to geometry students during an impromptu observation by my boss. I wanted to challenge my honors class. I sometimes feel like a magician, I don't want to give too much away. But I ultimately give away my general learning secrets before math. Here are some.

A teacher will not always go to be there is one. You should take very good notes. Students should tolerate others and appreciate diversity. Reading is fun. Studying is not looking it is practicing. Listening is a key to being well liked. Knowing your surroundings well is what makes you well-rounded.

I said, when guest lecturing at a college class, I don't know if I should tell you what to expect from teaching. I was being honest, these were future teachers but I didn't think it was fair that they get to know all the hardships. I really think you learn on your own better. Teach yourself. If you were terrible at teaching or running or at baseball at hockey, then do it better next time. I think going though something on your own and learning while you go threw it is much better than anything I could say. If you appreciate me I will share. Even if they don't appreciate I will still share some. I am a teacher after all, and it is my job.

Dread, no dread here

I don't dread school. My high school experience was actually fun. I think it shows. If teachers create a "learning is never over" environment rather than "stress the test" environment then they can pull knowledge (and great lessons) out of kids.

I have fun teaching. Work shouldn't be a place you have to go, you should choose to go. I live by that code. Math ( and all subjects) shouldn't be something you have to do but you should want to tackle. If you get the fun (or Positive energy) you get the want. If you get the want, you don't have to worry if the students will ask you a pivotal question taht will make the lesson so much better than if you just give away the knowledge. They just will.

They will want to.