Friday, September 28, 2007


Although the Patriots seem unstoppable they are not. Many see the line of injuries to guys like Seymour and Harrison and proclaim if they are creaming teams without them imagine them with them. Looking at the teams they have played they have had to play well to achieve the scores they have and I am not taking anything away from that. But if you think beating Buffalo that badly is a good sign you are mistaken. Buffalo should be an easier match when they don't have their top quarterback and linebacker. All I am saying is keep it in perspective and remember the past. The real reason why the Patriots win is because they are the closest team on the field every week. They don't get too happy when they win and they don't get too down when they lose. They congratulate each other after each touchdown but they are just as enthused while picking up a teammate for having a tough set of downs. This is just what I have seen in the years the Pats win the Super Bowl. The defense talking and joking with the offense and their being no divide on the team. I am looking to break down walls and build team character all the time and now I can see it on Sundays. Get well CJ and Matt

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I would like for Once

I would like a student to get through their entire high school experience being told, "You can achieve excellence". Students are not told this nearly enough. If you have feelings your not capable and it maintains consistantly then it will way you down eventually. If you expect to grow, which we all should, just remember that everyone goes through a tough time. It makes you really appreciate the times when you are supported .Because you will have to simple persevere through challenges in life. Talk about it to someone, or write about it until you are comfortable.

Monday, September 24, 2007

No Wondering where you are

Unlike others who blog I am not looking for anyone to inform me that they are out there. I am going to bring the hard truth. Math classes are getting better and I am happy to report that the effort in the homework and class participation is up from this time last year. I see other students raising the bar. Just today on my way out of class one students came out of a Geometry lesson wanting more and asked if we could do math during silent reading. We need to have silent reading, and we can use it for math reading. I will be incorporating more reading of real world applications of math. That time can be used for reading anything you like or is your favorite subject. So respect your brain and the small about of time you get to be creative. I will leave you with this, one student said to me last year reading is much more fun than a movie. I asked why and she said because a movie and a tv show is what someone wants you to see, but a book takes imagination and can be anything you want it to be. In many ways math can be like that too.

Blogging First Time

Should Math Teachers be paid more? According to ALan Greenplan, yes.