Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I would like for Once

I would like a student to get through their entire high school experience being told, "You can achieve excellence". Students are not told this nearly enough. If you have feelings your not capable and it maintains consistantly then it will way you down eventually. If you expect to grow, which we all should, just remember that everyone goes through a tough time. It makes you really appreciate the times when you are supported .Because you will have to simple persevere through challenges in life. Talk about it to someone, or write about it until you are comfortable.


No Name said...

Great teaching.
R.I.P Rayela

rdewar said...

I think that excellence is a habit. It is not an event. Jot that down. Put it on the T shirts, and wear them every day.

I look forward to your personal blogs about your own quest for excellence in your own life. Should be powerful stuff.

Zack said...

i dont need to be told to acheive excellence i am already excellent and beast anything when i actually put my mind to it