Friday, September 28, 2007


Although the Patriots seem unstoppable they are not. Many see the line of injuries to guys like Seymour and Harrison and proclaim if they are creaming teams without them imagine them with them. Looking at the teams they have played they have had to play well to achieve the scores they have and I am not taking anything away from that. But if you think beating Buffalo that badly is a good sign you are mistaken. Buffalo should be an easier match when they don't have their top quarterback and linebacker. All I am saying is keep it in perspective and remember the past. The real reason why the Patriots win is because they are the closest team on the field every week. They don't get too happy when they win and they don't get too down when they lose. They congratulate each other after each touchdown but they are just as enthused while picking up a teammate for having a tough set of downs. This is just what I have seen in the years the Pats win the Super Bowl. The defense talking and joking with the offense and their being no divide on the team. I am looking to break down walls and build team character all the time and now I can see it on Sundays. Get well CJ and Matt


Drew said...
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Drew said...

The patriots are unstoppable. What are you thinking? Brady with 6 touchdown passes against the undefeated Dallas Cowboys. Randy Moss cathing almost every ball his way. Dont forget our #1 defence in the NFL. Were going all the way.