Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bruins 4-1 lose

I am not hating, but P.J. Axelsson and Andrew Alberts seem at times as if they don't know what they are doing. Hesitant and cautious. You need to be creative and want your teamates to succeed. I thought the Bruins were going to do away with play and players like this. How are fans suppose to get into a game when the Bruins dump the puck in all the time? Then the offensive circling in the corners circles comes up the boards. Are they all scared to stay in the corner? If you played hockey you would know that circling up high plays into the other team’s hands. When will the play improve and some creative players get the call. Matt Hunwick, I don't know how he has confidence with and without the puck but he does. No more Andrew Alberts and PJ’s scared play. Where is the change?

I hope everyone to succeed... Do I get that across? Maybe that is why I had more assists than any other player had points (combo of goals+ assists) in the league. I hope I get that across, you can let me know what you think when I do. Remember Transversals

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jon bruins rule! said...

No! P. J. does a lot. you said it yourself. You said that a character is when someone does something good when no one notices. P.J. is a high pressure grinding forward who stops big players. You dont give hime recognition