Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I always wanted to make people proud of me. Get this, if you didn't know I had the same teachers as my father, 25 years prior to me attending MSC, when I was in high school. Imagine how nerve wrecking that could have been, but instead of letting it bother me I laughed and tried to get teachers to tell old stories about my dad. He was like me rugged and charming and very intelligent, a natural athlete but I was surprised to "here" he couldn't spell well. Anyways, he was actually a goof ball and had a nickname or two. So instead of trying to be a goofball, which he already beat me to it, I wanted to make those teachers proud of me for good reason.

As I got older I relocated to a job where I wanted to make my superiors proud of me. I want to create a class where students want to improve and have pride in what they are accomplishing. In order to make a positive experience I had to learn something. How to effectively communicate, ok no big words, I mean how to talk.

George Saunders, writer of " The Braindead Megaphone essays", says Americans should like to answer questions with the freedom that to make mistakes. In fact people love that freedom to be wrong but most kids can't even ask the question. Sanders says people(students) questions have to be asked and answered with freedom. If a teacher yells it makes a person feel belittled. If a teacher yells at you to sit straight and pay attention then you will feel belittled right? But if you are asked, or even better, cued that class has started, then you may be more likely to want to learn? All by feeling free to answer and ask questions freely.

If you are yelled at while in school raise your hand. Ok, imagine going to school everyday and being reminded you have to go (Do you hear that from home, feel free to respond). You will go to school feeling belittled and it will be unlikely you will take pride in what you do. Unless you really like math like I did. Will you even have the effort to find something to improve at?

Maybe it doesn't matter and people will act the same whether they are yelled at or spoken to with clarity and consideration. Well it is up to you to respond. But I have learned what you put into your body will eventually show outside, like eating pasta before a game will give you energy(if you don't eat healthy you have no energy) , your mind needs to take in positive messages as well. So that is how you can get up in the morning and hopefully get through high school, pasta.

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