Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Studying is practice, just like sports

Today is the last day for seniors. If you study for your final you need to practice. Effort is the key to success. Practice is a big part to having efficacy.

I want questions. What does simplify mean? What does solve mean? What does verify mean? I just taught a Pre-calculus lesson to geometry students during an impromptu observation by my boss. I wanted to challenge my honors class. I sometimes feel like a magician, I don't want to give too much away. But I ultimately give away my general learning secrets before math. Here are some.

A teacher will not always go to be there is one. You should take very good notes. Students should tolerate others and appreciate diversity. Reading is fun. Studying is not looking it is practicing. Listening is a key to being well liked. Knowing your surroundings well is what makes you well-rounded.

I said, when guest lecturing at a college class, I don't know if I should tell you what to expect from teaching. I was being honest, these were future teachers but I didn't think it was fair that they get to know all the hardships. I really think you learn on your own better. Teach yourself. If you were terrible at teaching or running or at baseball at hockey, then do it better next time. I think going though something on your own and learning while you go threw it is much better than anything I could say. If you appreciate me I will share. Even if they don't appreciate I will still share some. I am a teacher after all, and it is my job.


Tyler Anderson said...

I agree with the fact that people need to learn their own hardships they can not be told what they are going to face prior to actually facing it. You also need to learn on your own to work your way out of the hardship and into easier times. For example, David Ortiz has been doing absolutely horrible this year for one of two reasons. The first reason could be that he is just in the middle of a slump, and he is the only one whop can get himself out of it. No matter how many hitting coaches try to help him, it is up to him to work his way out of it. Working it out by himself will also give him confidence and like you said, he will learn from what he does so that next time the slump will hopefully not last nearly as long. Unfortunately the other possibility is that his days of glory are over and he will never be the same. Hopefully it's the first one!

Brian Acker said...

Very wise advice Mr. Grasso, very wise. Without your magician qualities, I do not know what people would do. Your magic advice will be very helpful to everyone. Now I must give you some advice sir. Stay a magician. Do not become a dark wizard like Shanely. While its really cool, you can never be trusted. One key to success is to know your limits. There is room for only one dark wizard at a time at Norton High School. Also, stick with math. It is quite clear that a math teacher wrote all of that. Marked by great transitions and superb spelling and grammer, you could tell that the passages were written by a man of non-Kefor qualities. Thank you and you're welcome. :) Smileys brighten peoples days.


Brian Acker said...

Your blog clock is three hours off. Your school clock is two hours and ten minutes off. I would like a blog explaining why this is helpful.

Connor Mcl said...

HEllo there my name is Connor McLaughlin or you can call me Smack or you can call me Bartholomew (its a sexy name i know ;) )

Anyways I am brought to this comment of Grasso's blog to comment on his writing and thoughts.

I start here:

Grasso is infact true about how people learn much better when they figure things out on their own. i deffiantly agree and have been through those types of experiences myself.

And who wants to learn things from others anyway. it is so much better when you just step up to the plate and figure your problem out by yourself. and little guidance wouldn't help either but my point is that your life is meant to be lived by you. and you control your own life. You can't have some one teaching you things your whole life. It would be of your best interest to start learning how to learn on your own because we can't rely on people teaching us forever. Life comes at you fast so if your not ready you just fall behind. (Fact!!!) live free or die hard. (or you could just destroy everything in y our path, ya that works too)

Anyways @(^o^)@ its a monkey YAAAAAA!!!!

Shanely is a wizard and will destroy you when ever he pleases.

stop drop and roll
put ya swagga on homes

balls of steel

Im out WHATTTTT!!!!!

by the way don't trust me and dont trust a hoe.

the song says it (Don't just me)