Saturday, October 25, 2008

What I do in my spare time

I am currently making an extremely large folder of my work. As I said before I want to be the best teacher, best hockey player, Best coach. I want to be the best all the time even Saturday morning when evryone is watching cartoons or sleeping still.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Check out Class of 2011 Blog

The 2011 Blog is linked from here. We were looking sweatpants and t-shirts. Both good ideas and we should have them by Christmas. That is our goal. Send in ideas if you have any.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Geometry Sophomores Project due October 22nd

List the project you desire... Make sure you don't pick one that is already chosen.

Lesson Project

Post your topic you would like to teach

Caleb = Pythagorean Theorem

Julia = Distance and Midpoint

Kim = Polygons

Parke = Angles and Polyons

Meg = Classifying Triangle

Liz = Volume Cylinder

Ian = 6-4 parallel line with proportional parts

Jackie = 9-3 rotations

Stephen = Arc and chords

Allison = Angles and polygons

Jared Marvel = Similar Triangle

Brian = 11.4 Area of irregular figures

Tyler = 10-1 circles and circumference

Curve Stitching

Curve Stitching has begun. What designs are you creating? If you can scan in your design or take a picture you can send it or post it. Remember at least 10 angles.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate

If you thought Biden should not attack at the debate because Palin is a female you may be confused with all his attacking statements. That is he attacked McCain, George w McCain.

Wow. did Palin have one plan to anything. Any let me paraphrase her. "I will not anwer the questions." Wow. She answered the ones she wanted (with cliches she remembered) or ignored the question all together. Wow. Biden knows how to support his arguments with facts. I think we should all learn to do that in school. Education was a topic passed over, but Biden said "No Child left behind" was left behind with no funding. WOW thank you for at least saying something but we need more time allocated to education than just 3 sentences.

Class of 2011

We went to Gillette on our "quest for a prom venue in 2010", we need a better name for the quest. We are working hard Chck outthe 2010 blog for more picks and updates. Thanks to all that went... Rob, CJ, Tory, Emily, Kerryn.

Test Geometry

You should know conditional statements, converse, postulates that are my favorite to recite. Be able find the space between.