Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So after 6 years I returned to coaching high school soccer. I am proud of the JV girls and how they fought to the end. Running hard and under control with your head up is not always easy but when you put in effort it will come. These girls put in the effort and I hope they will bring a win home next game.

This makes me realize how much I extend myself. I feel better when I put myself into everything i do. I realize I am at the school a lot. I have the energy along with the feeling that everyone should succeed. I cringe when a student gets hurt on the field or embarrassed by strange unfortunates that life throws at everyone. I hope all kids feel a part.

Kids should feel a part of something at high school. Today a parent told me that because of what I told her oldest son, her youngest son is already being inundated with a message. The older brother tells the younger brother to be a part of some sport or club while in school. Public school needs that kind of involvement. The new movie "Waiting for Superman" is a documentary that will show the current state of public schools and how schools effect towns. That's all I will report until I see it. "Time" mag. makes it seem like it is well thought out.