Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Similar Triangle Parts

Another day at Norton High brings another great learning experience. One such moment occurede in my period C geo, one student stopped my class to say the lamest joke. I gave an orange marker to a student and said "you need the orange marker". The student replied, "YOU need the orange marker!?!"

As he said this unrully statement to me, everyone realized something. That he is the lamest and the joke was not nearly as funny as it sounded in his head. Creative? No WAY.

It is obvious learning from each other is more fun than lecturing. We learned about inner voices and orange markers that day. I learned don't try to be funny. It never works out. Also the iner monologues actually work. We should all use them more.


Robert Southworth said...


Max Wiese said...

The sounds like the me of C period geo, too many jokes, all lame.

fitzskins said...

your discription of this event sounds tragic. this current event has become a moment of history in my heart. i once knew a man who needed an orange marker, sadly he fractured his knee and had to use a green one,like who uses green? and now a story........one day i was eating cereal and i put the spoon up to my mouth . right as i was about to put the spoon in my mouth to enjoy the cereal the cereal suddenly meowed at me. i paused and looked around.... it was silent. i then saw my cat on the counter behind me and realized,"hey that wasnt my cereal meowing it was my cat". so then i enjoyed the cereal i love with the cat i pet.

Zack said...

yeah rich i also know of a very tragic event. I once knew a man that needed a new orange marker too replace his old one. he couldnt find one in time and his orange marker cancelled out and it was to late to save him. if only he had the black ones because they are the most used kind and everyone would have given there black one to save him, even the crab people would give up their crusty skin to enforce his diving board in his pool. Crab people skin is the strongest and makes you jump higher than any other skin. i prefer the clear ones though because when you are jumping in you can see right through it and its awesome. you should try getting that for your flag pole so it looks like just a flag is hanging. even emma has them in her household i mean there only 4 dollars at tj max but i can get them for free from my uncle kam fetus for free. hes a free agent so he gets all of his stuff for half off or most of the time free. so try getting those then we can match them together and bring out the ghost under the floor tiles in your room.