Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I am good at

"Things I am a good at" is a bog about all the little things I think about when I consider my strengths. I am a little bit of a reader, I am little bit of a writer, I am a little bit of a film maker, I am a little bit of a jing master, I am a little bit into baseball, I am a little bit into football, I am a little bit into Johnny Rockets, I am a little bit into the OFFICE.

I think of these things as a part of the whole. But the big parts are different. When am I at my happiest. I am into hockey( which I played today in gym, one goal one assist in 2 minutes of play), I am into Kelly Clarkson and John Mayer, I am into technology in teaching ( holograms please) I am into teaching ( never teach it the same way twice) I am into brain science ( not rocket surgery) , I am into Star wars ( I want fly), I am into space ( I want to fly), I am into anything that can involve random fun. Like when I went running past Mr. Greene's house ( on a jog) and knocked on the door. Next thing I knew we were all playing football in front of his house.

Things I am good at make me an instant 10. When I am 10 I am the happiest... I always want to be a 10 out of 10. Music, teaching, hockey, space. What are yours?


Tim W said...

I'm a 10 when I'm playing drums,playing with my band, or playing baseball.

Keegan C said...

I am good at getting girls unlike mr grasso. He can only get girls at the ice rink. I mean if he looked like Nick Gale he'd have girls all over him.

jleahy said...

Youre not good at hockey at all. Your team vs. my team any day of the week, and I will POWN you and the rest of them. When people watch me play they say, "Wayne Gretzky who?"