Monday, November 1, 2010


I am not for doing a project for projects sake. In the end you realize something about your self and whether you can work with people. Either at work or whereever you finally get a job lean into the discomfort and work well with others. I believe finding your groove or niche is the main thing I should focus on. I am not sure but when I hear things like, "every 5 to 10 years we should revisit the way we do things" I get chills. I can't remain stagnant. I like the idea that we are not working with perfection. The most creative idea I had for 2008 was that Romeo and Juliet was good but not the greatest that will ever be. There have been great stories since and they will get better, especially with movies that have new movie tricks like time travel. Movies are even getting more randomly creative. I think Jackass 3d is dumb but it is the new way of thinking. Throw out the old and start the new. I have to embrace the change even though I yearn for Unstoppable, New Tron, and I look forward to the new Little Fockers movie.

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