Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you born with it?

Are baseball players natural stars or are they trained ?

Nature vs. nurture

Are some people born to be teachers or can they be trained?

I wonder what the answer truly is


Rob S. said...

I think that some children that have athletes as parents do not inherit the skill, but have to live up to their parents name. Im sure that parents have their children have them training at young ages, and they have the money to help the process with private lessons or more resources.

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Rob S. said...


I think that everyone is born with some innate skill. SOme are more "natural athletes" than others. But i also think that the nurturing is so much more important. WHile some may be better at first, with practice anyone can become a professional athlete. No one has the natural ability to compete at a professional level right from the start. Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods practiced for years before becoming the best at their sport.

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Nigel said...

I think people are born with the ability to be great but they must train and practice to reach their full potential.