Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ballin After School

Aud Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhchhchchchbueer tried to teach Mr. Taylor how to shoot a basket ball properly. It was hilarious. That was after Mr. V , Mr. T, Mr. Kefor, and I had already beaten the ladies.

Last week we beat K. Shicehekehehehkerker, and B. Av. This week another trouncing. It was a 4 on 4 versus K.B., Shanny, A.S., and Waz.

Good luck getting better over the summer.

One final note. When the girls played best they really took it to us when they were playing aggresive. Someone once told me being aggressive helps you play better. I don't buy it.


Rob S. said...

its great that 4 men could beat 15 year old girls in a b-ball game. great job guys

Rob S. said...

lol what was the score?

Mr. Kefor said...

Not to toot my own horn, but I am just too difficult to defend in the low post. It's not really fair to the kids. If we can keep Taylor from throwing up those rainbows with his eyes closed we'd be unstoppable. He was tossing so many bricks I thought we were building a new high school.

audra said...

one question: how much of that "trouncing" did YOU contribute, mr grasso? let's get real here: kefor and vitelli carried you guys.

jessica w said...

first of all this is jess and kaybee. second of all we beat you once... when we were actually trying. the other time, we couldn't play cause we were too busy laughing at your team. especially mr. taylor's shooting. i do have to say though mr.grasso, you were hitting threes like your name was kaybee. (she said she could've played defence on mr. kefor but he was just impossible to move) rematches all the time next year. we'll give you the summer to practice. maybe mr. taylor will be able to hit the rim with the ball :) hahaahaha

p.s. i still am very sorry about mr. v's eye.