Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Customizing Life

I don't need to watch mtv or vh1 anymore. I don't need someone telling me what to listen or what to watch. I have youtube to watch any music video, and some case movie, I desire. I have made my own channel and it is called Hockeybookavision. I watch the office on dvd or any other show I like off DVR. In fact I don't really need to TV anymore. I watch music videos, friends videos, or education videos(like the history channel but funnier history) on the Internet. I even shop, eat, stretch while listening to music from my i-tunes. If I want ideas for new song I read a magazine.
I started watching a Bobby Orr video and now it is in my rotation. Also the song "Valerie" my Matt Ronson and Amy Winehouse, is a favorite of mine. We can design our media input schedule and not just TV schedule, I mean our own schedule for life. We can design to live life while incorporating everything we like.
I have even more time to be with friends, read and exercise(hockey). That is what I love to pass the time with. Also designing hockey practices for my team is fun to me. We finished 9th out of 16 this summer but we had 6 defenseman and they are all coming back. They are all 7th or 6th graders and we are the only team without any 8th graders playing defense. I don't need tv anymore I have a lot of action in my life already.
Maybe that is why Chambo bought the i-phone and it goes with him on the train to and from Boston everyday. So when he is around he never needs to watch TV or surf the internet.


Jay H. said...

yo mr grasso harry potters the best and see you tomorrow

Brittany G. said...
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Brittany G. said...

Hey Mr. Grasso =) this is Brittany G from your CE class.
Customizing YOUR life to your need is what matters, and then
customizing it for your friends in a comfortable position comes next =P.
I don't need the TV as much, either. The internet is just as good, maybe better.
Thats basically my thoughts, hehe. See you tomorrow, and stuff :D!