Saturday, August 2, 2008

Movies and School

I finished my classes and have had time for my love, movies. Wall-E was inspirational but cute. Stepbrothers was dumb but fun, Dark Knight was the best movie in the past 10 years.

I don't get too happy or too down anymore when it comes to movies or sports. That is why the Dark Knight was amazing. It made me remember why I like movies.

My sports world got flipped upside down when Manny got traded. If you think this doesn't effect me emotionally you are wrong. I thought I was done being emotional about sports, but I was proven wrong. It was just like with movies something came out of nowhere. Manny and I have history. Manny was there when I was in college. I have been watching his career through everything. I thought he was better than the best. He was unique. I miss people who are unique. That is why I like certain people and I gravitate toward them in a room.

I will miss Manny because he is a symbol of my youth and he is gone. But getting over Manny will not be the toughest thing I will ever do in my life. It was tough to graduate high school, play hockey, leave hockey, get a job, go to college. I realize now everything will pass, thank you Dr. Ansay, and learning who you are is the most important part of my youth and then life. Being young is inspirational, cute, dumb, fun, and the best. And there will always be something you didn't expect, the next big thing.


Mrs. Taylor said...

I don't understand why so many people are sad to see Manny go. I was very excited. His heart was not in what he was doing. It bothers me when someone hits the ball and stands at home plate thinking it will be a homerun instead of hustling down the line to first base. I just don't think he was a team player. I am happy with what I have seen of Bay so far.

Mr. Vitelli said...

Manny was a big part of 2 WS trophies. There is no urgency to win another one in the now. I'd rather have my son grow up and emmulate a guy who works hard every Jason Bay. Manny teaches young kids by his actions that it's okay to only try hard or do your best when you feel like it. He was a character for sure, but isn't it more fun to root for guy who honestly cares what you think about him??? His actions in LA have shown just how much he cared about you as a Red Sox fan.

evan said...

hey mr. grasso its EvanD from AlgebraCE, i dont know what to comment so i figured id comment this, manny had to go, he wasnt worth the aggrivation, and now we got jason bay, he replaces manny and more.