Sunday, November 23, 2008

John Mayer and the Bruins

When I read Mr. Dewar's blogs, listening to "Say" by John Mayer, I thought that Mr. Dewar has a great eye for pictures and a nice camera to snap pics. Be careful he will get you when you least expect it. (Sorry Mr. Barth) Also I can see that food is a popular topic that attracts, and rightfully so, a massive amount of attention. I am always on the look out for new restaurants and I have a long standing reputation for eating a dorito or two. But I look forward to Thanksgiving and overeating every year more than most holidays. But I am going to change this year. I promise myself not to have that overeating pain in my stomach this year when I am done my third dessert Thursday. And mean forever not just Thanksgiving Thursday.
Well if I am not eating, what should I fill my time with. I will be filling my time as I always do. Getting my swell on at the gym and playing/ coaching hockey are my past times.
I think that is change we should all get behind. Less overeating and OOOOh we a great hockey team in Boston now. I know it is a shocker, but remember I called it. I knew it was going to be a good season for the Bruins, I just thought it would take until January for them to gel as a team. I also have an eye for football talent. I thought there was something about Matt Cassel. He is alright to the tune of back to back 400 yard weeks. I guess you can say what you need say my optics are as good as Mr. Dewar finding a resting Barth.

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