Sunday, November 9, 2008

60 Minutes: How business should Run

How to give back and people in Norton better off.

As a school we should give back to the community. I know of numerous programs we have at the high school that give back. Even businesses give back with grants and donations like Raytheon, Best Buy, Roche Brothers, Dunkin Donuts and Toshiba. You ever hear of the phrase we live in a small world. Well, we live in a small town. This is the story of a Recycling company of all companies that lie, cheat, and lose track a greater and more rewarding responsibility of people.

The Internet changed everything. In fact the 2008 one can argue the Presidential election came down to the Internet. Obama used it to gain more support than McCain.

Americans don't see how very small the world's become. One such company is "Executive Recycling" out of Colorado. Company's should have a social component and give back, because good American companies make more money when they put a greater good of all first. They do this by recycling and giving back with grants and donations.

High Schools give back to their communities as well. In fact I head up a group of grant writers and they need to be involved in the community because they are looking for money to improve it.
Executive Recycling sent old computer monitors to Hong Kong to be illegally disposed and by doing so harmed the health of children and works with harmful chemicals. The president of the company "Didn't know" they were sending the poisonous Cathode Ray Tubes across the Pacific. An irresponsible environmentalist sounds like an oxymoron, that is what we have. Business's foolishly and irresponsible think of themselves. The world is not one big market just to be taken advantage. And good for 60 Minutes for thinking the entire world should be valued and may soon we will see a "good for all" at the top of schools and companies mission statements. At least my students will see that they have more than a civic duty but a global duty to make all better off.

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