Monday, February 2, 2009

Alan November Technology Meeting

Alan November is a bright, witty, funny, curious, enthusiastic, educated, global, extremely intelligent, and genuine man.

Doing what I do passionately has created unique relationships with all my classes. School works when everyone works toward a culture. Technology is a big part of culture. We should all be better at using it.

Technology helps forge relationships with Skype, demonstrate lessons with videos, and teach with podcasts. I am proud of how our students presented their many classroom uses for technology. Technology, i.e. the Internet, was not intended to be used inappropriately. Alan inquired as to how students feel technology is used. They all communicated their feelings well. Students make better connections when technology is utilized within a course. They use it all day to talk, text, and email. As a professional my need is to understand in order for connections to be made for students. In the meeting room, at the Library, Alan connected through understanding. Alan showed, through his understanding, what is happening globally. Technology is here to stay and we are smart enough to be great users of it. Today everyone in the room, especially the kids, made a connection.

Current and future understanding in school and life depends greatly on taking advantage of technology. Desire establishes connections that create relationships. That is something we all want from life. One thing is certain, we all understand technology is now.

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eanderson said...

you know you need to come up with some thought provoking posts, i mean even the title of this post is lame. at least do a better title that way i'd be like "hey that looks like an interesting post,finally, oh lets see i'll read it." i'd say just that. so uh put a little effort into it