Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Blockbusters

I have seen 4 great movies this summer. And the season for big movies is still young.

In order of greatness
4) Angles and Demons
3) Wolverine
2) Terminator Salvation
1) Star Trek (unexpectedly great)

Books I have read this year- In no particular order
Born Standing up (Steve Martin)
Brass Verdict
The Music Lesson


Connor Mcl said...

absolutly lame your summer sounds like a homeless guys vacation in florida but if you like hangin wiht homeless thats ok wit me. What eva floats ya boat kiddo.!!

Brian Acker said...

How can you be born standing up? That sounds a little strange to me. Everyone knows only homeless babies are born standing up. They'd be a very interesting person mentioned in the outliers though. Then, if you gave them an instrument they'd become protagies because they're homeless. After becoming professional musicians they would be able to give very good advanced music lessons. Or just one if that's all you want. Wolverine can't play guitar because he has claws. The Terminata can't play guitar because he, well, he has a lot of flaws. Angels and demons can't play guitar because they're too busy at work every day. Then star trek people can't play guitar because they clearly don't have the intelectual intelligence needed to play music because all they care about are silly, unrealistic suicide space jumping missions. I guess I'm better than all of them. As I look at a fire exit sign on the wall, I think about what we would do if there were to be a fire. Yeah, we would be really safe and not burnt. Fire exits are helpful. vote for me dude. I love summer. My summers are spent doing cool things, unlike the homeless. Good night Wisconsin!

-Brian Acker

egrasso10 said...

Brian, your thoughts are unique. But also filled with thoughts pertaining to guitars. Good luck future travels.