Friday, May 1, 2009

Create a volume word problem

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Parke MacLEAN said...

VolumeFire trucks are supplied with water by separate pumper trucks. Some varieties of pumper trucks pump regular water. Other trucks pump water injected with special chemicals that create fire-retardant foam. Those pumper trucks have special holding tanks.

Part A: The length of the tank is 10 feet, the width is 6 feet wide. If the total volume is 360 cubic feet, how high is it?

Part B: Inside the tank, there is a pipe running end to end lengthwise. This is the pipe that injects the chemicals to create the foam. The pipe is 10 feet long. It has a diameter of 6 inches. What is the volume of the tank based off this information?

Part C:There are holes through which the chemicals flow every 5 inches, creating 24 holes. The diameter of the holes is .25 feet.
What is the lateral] surface area of the pipe?

Kady F. said...

Kady F.
May 1, 2009
Geometry B,D

An ice cream shop sells small, medium, and large cones. On top of each cone is a single sphere of ice cream. If the small sells for $4.00, the medium for $4.50, and the large for $5.00, which size has the most ice cream for your money if the small height is 3 inches the medium height is 5 inches and the large height is 6 inches? The radius is 2 inches for all of the cones, and it is the radius of the sphere of ice cream on top of each cone. Round to the nearest hundredth.

Kristen Tenglin said...

Susie wanted to find the volume of an ice cream cone. She measured the dimensions of the cone. The height was 6 inches and the slant height was 10 inches. Find the radius of the ice cream cone and find the volume of the cone.

Meagan said...

Meagan Elliott
Geometry BD

You are throwing a birthday party for your little sibling. You go to the store to purchase party hats and you have two packages to choose from. Each party hat has a slant height of 10 inches and a radius of 6 inches. Package A has a total volume of 6031.86 inches cubes and Package B has a total volume of 7539.82 inches cubed. How many party hats are in each package? If one party hat costs $0.50, how much does each package cost? Which package is a better buy if 45 kids are invited to the party?

TarynK said...

You and 3 of your friends went to the carnival. You all decided to get a cotton candy, which comes in a cone. The cone has a radius of 3cm and a height of 11 cm. How much cotton candy is actually within the 4 cones?

Dalton said...

Dalton Weir
Per. BD

Olive Garden is experimenting with a new pasta that can be filled with alfredo cheese or marinara sauce. The shape of the pasta is a cylider. If the pasta has a height of 5 inches and a total volume of 62.83 in cubed, what is the radius of the pasta?

Connor Mcl said...

Connor Mclaughlin
Volume Problem
There is this cone. It is on top of a castle. The cone has a diameter of 6m and the slant height is 5m. Figure out how much cement they need to fill this cone.

Tyler said...

An architect wants to build a life size replica of the T.D Bank North Garden. The Garden is a perfect rectangular prism, with a length of 800 ft, a width of 350 ft, and a volume of 28,000,000 ft^3. From the given information, find out how high the architect will need to build the roof of the T.D Bank North Garden.

kimb3rlyxll3 said...

There’s a big car accident and the police have to put up traffic cones to block the rode. But they ran out of them and have to run across the street to get some more. One traffic cone has a slant height of 11.4 inches and a height of 7 inches. To help out the police and make sure they grab the right size, find the radius and volume of one traffic cone.

alliecapp said...

How much icecream is needed to fill an icecream cone with a slant height of 5 cm and a diameter of 6cm?

Elizabeth L. said...

-Elizabeth LaVerghetta BD

Each golf ball is filled with different materials which allow it to generate spin and check up on the greens when hit by a golf club. For a science fair, a boy slices golf balls exactly in half in order to determine which brand travels the farthest distance and generates the most spin. The boy measures the golf ball, finding that the diameter is 3.8cm. Find the volume of the sliced- in- half golf ball.

Stevie Hynes said...

Stephen Hynes
Period BD
Volume Problem

You have a play-dough container that is a perfect rectangular prism. you want to know how much play dough will fit in it so you need to find the volume of the container. The container is an extra 2mm all the way around. The height of the container is 54mm, the length is 46mm, and the width is 32mm (all including the extra 2mm). How much playdough will fit in the container?

Brian Acker said...

A rubix cube is made up of three sections of nine smaller cubes. The length of an edge of one of the small cubes is 1.75cm. What is the total volume of a rubix cube in cubic centimeters?

Marc Daitch said...

A boy goes to an ice cream store and gets a giant cone. The person working at the store wants to know how ice cream can fit in the cone. If the cone has a diameter of 6 inches and a hieght of 10 inches, what is the volume?

Caleb said...

You go a UFC Champoinship match, and you want a soda. There are two sizes. A large is 12"x4" for $4 and a regular is 10"x3" for $2. Which soda gives you more soda for the money?

Julia F said...

Jamie got a summer job at an icecream shop. She wants to find out how much icecream she could fit in one cone without going over the rim. If the radius of the cone is 3 cm and the height of the cone is 12 cm how many cubic cm of icecream could you fit in the cone?

Jared said...

You want to figure out the volume of your filing cabinet to see how much it will actually hold, you know that the base of the cabinet has a lenght of 2 feet and a width of 1 foot. You also know that it is 1 1/2 feet tall. What is the volume of the filing cabinet?