Friday, April 17, 2009

Somethings do change

What happens in high school happen all the time. I noticed when a student is really good at a subject or sport they get razzed. It doesn't change when you get older, adults get that too when they work. It is usually in good fun. But when you are young it stems from the others not know how you think.

The big question on the minds of the people who poke fun is simple. Why don't I get it yet?

I read an interview with Howard Gardner ( Multiple Intelligence). And his explanation makes all the responses of that have a tone of "why don't I get it" simple. We are all different. There isn't one IQ test that shows we are smart people. There are multiple ways to be intelligent. Everyone has their own level of intelligence. There are 8 and I recommend we understand that we can be great at one and need work in another. But we all, not just teachers, need to distinguish different intellectual strengths and styles on the fly.

Good news is you should be able to learn multiple ways. Both from a human and digitally( media)

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Parke MacLEAN said...

Just reading this portion: "I noticed when a student is really good at a subject or sport they get razzed" got me thinking.

I think a big reason why kids don't always raise their hands or participate is because they are afraid of what their peers would think.

It's happened to me a lot. There's been so many times when I knew the answer but didn't. It killed me when the teacher would say "No one? Ok. In that case the answer is..."

I think the reason why gets razz other kids is just jealousy. They didn't know the answer, therefore they feel insignificant and insecure, and must insult the other person in order to feel good about themselves. It's sad, but you're right, it happens.