Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to be Good precisely

I am constantly searching for how to be a good teacher. My talent was low at the start and after the first two years I knew I had to leave the profession. I left math and went out into the country. I took the warning of my father who said, you need to come back you won't find a job anywhere but Florida.
Although I never thought of being successful, I was average at Marketing and teaching, I had to begin on my own. I had to travel on my own. No friends was a way of being on your own. I only knew how to watch TV, play video games, and sit on the stoop when it got to late. That is where I found my niche. I found teaching English , history and science were hard but I didn't know so I tried to do it anyways. I was terrible at teaching math but I was great at one thing, taking the best from all teachers. I think there will be a time when we, teachers, can all find time and teach a subject outside of our discipline. Plan and link the unlink able. I realized I am not fearless but if I wasn't I was gong to be memorable. Soon I started to take what works from the other teachers. I believed no matter if it was science teachers or history teachers it was key to have more than just the opening act material. Be the headliner. We can learn and be taught.

How to be consistently good ?

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