Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Goals as a teacher

1) Have each person I teach have an Ah-ha moment. If you haven't seen that look on someones face, it looks as if that person can fly. Great for life confidence.

2) I want to help people even those I can't see or meet I think I do that each time I help a student. Under my instruction a kid uncovers math but more importantly how they learn. Now when they become the adult, or the teacher, they will be able to teach with patience, passion, and job joy.

3) Have integrity. Do the right thing when no one knows and no one will ever find out.

These may seem like sappy goals, but I am not going to leave ( that was another tree reference) without stating my goals in life. These are the goals that ground me. Having a job makes me happy. My brother, cousin, and cousin's husband have all lost their jobs in the past monthes. I know now what I have been missing while I watch their journeys unveil themselves. The joy I felt when I was lucky enough to received a job from Norton.

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