Thursday, April 9, 2009

Waiting and Seeing what comes from the future

History has been changing a lot lately. The world seems to not be able to handle a financial crisis one second, followed by a feeling that hope can be restored the next. Schools should teach more than just one history month at a time. Every disaster seems like the most trying time in history. I read that this recent recession was called the worst since the Great Depression. It is my experience that we overexaggerate. Lets teach how Americans get to live their dreams by looking at a big picture. We have troubles and we fix them over time. Positives from the last four months. We are all able to be the president and change the world. The more the line between what we can and can't achieve are blurred the more we can see time and understanding can heal any crisis.

I see a world where the history classes are relevant. I think of the ways we disagree and how it needs to grow. I watch conservative talk shows I see they are all short sighted. There is a chance we are going to come out of this. There is a chance this will all happen again in 10 years. But we will bounce back.

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