Sunday, January 6, 2008

College Algebra can Change

In light of the massive numbers of collge students taking college algebra as their final math class of their lives in college. I realized I love my job but I hate certain things about it. It takes you to dislike something to change it I have found... This is what I would change about the math cirriculum.

Freshman year: begining mans on...(cooperative learning rules are set)

Sphomore year: service learning hands on...(cooperative learning)

Junior year: project driven (cooperative learning)

Senior year: College algebra prep to reduce number of "can't do calculus students". apon conclusion use a real world example across cirriculum. A student should be able to read the newspaper and create a chart(visual) in order to test exponential and algebraic skills. Interpreting what you read and verbalizing, sharing, and learning from oneself.

College Algebra


Robert Southworth said...

beginning mans on??????????

Max Wiese said...

Ya, Rob what was up with that? And "apon"? did you mean upon or something really cool i dont know about?

fitzskins said...

my socks did the same thing