Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I think radicals are the door that opens to the world of quadratics. If one can relate radicals to monomial expressions next linear equations can be compared to quadratics. Then anything you see in Calculus is possible.
If a student is defeated before they start an equation then I let them know that speed doesn't matter and mistakes are not a sign of weakness. I often think of my past mistakes, and reflect on how I corrected them. I wasn't sure how to correct everything but "sometimes you have to jump and build the wings on the way down. " Kobi Yamada
Then fly to a resolution you desire to live with.


Jacqueline said...

Mr. Kefor announced that you had one a few days ago, so I decided to be wicked creepy and have a look at your blog (okay, that sentence in itself is insanely sketched out) and my opinions (because you secretly care) are as follows:
1. Your weekends are quite dismal with the exception of Mr. Mayer.
2. Your insights to math and design are ironically inspiring and intellectual (which is odd..because. well. you're you)
3. Your Colbert video that I stumbled across was just as much hilarious as it was freaky as hell.
4. The whole want vs need thing is very tough to distinguish. I usually go with whatever gives me lasting satisfaction rather than temporary enjoyment, and I tend to study the repercussions of subtracting (math word! +10 points) whatever it is to see how completely necessary it is to me (I do this with people too).
5. I'm proud of you. (someone had to say it)

At first I thought you had no life, and then I realized nay, for it is quite the contrary because I'm the one that's up at 2am with three college essays to write looking at them.
But I'll keep commenting, because comments to bloggers are pieces of motivation that they pretend they don't strive for.

I feel it's necessary to leave you with a quote (I want a quote book!). I would go with Woody Allen and use the "Those who can't do, teach, and those who can't teach, teach gym" quote, but I'm not going to, because I feel like you teach, but you can do anything you aspire to, so I'ma go with.."Know yourself, Love yourself, Be yourself".

It was either that or "I went to the store to get a candle holder. They didn't have any, so I got a cake."

I'm going to drop Mitch whenever I drop a line.
Or should I say, line segment. Because my comments do end eventually.
(I know, you were doubtful there.)

Also, I use too many parenthesis.


tory said...

Thank god speed doesn't matter and its NOT a race, because I take FOREVER when doing any math homework/quiz/test/problem, just to make sure i don't do anything wrong....but that doesn't help because i always end up rushing myself to finish my quiz or problem (because i'm usually one of the last ones) and get really really low grades...

so your right, take your time. its well worth it in the long run.