Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reporters Lack Any Reporting

I just read "Senate panel passes $157 billion stimulus plan" and I have to say it lacking slightly. Like for instance where is the debate of recession being good vs. bad. There is no such thing as a good recession, unless you have read history books on economics and see that our economy is cyclical. Are we to believe you didn't ask any hard questions to any politician? I think no one makes a case for common sense notions such as economic recessions and economic booms can occur in patterns. Are reporters doing any investigating at their job?

The pre-war fumble by reporters has made this Global American Citizen skeptical whenever a bill sounds to good to be true.


Max Wiese said...

Since you are really good at math do you know how to predict when the next economic boom will be?

Robert Southworth said...

how about when hillary clinton is elected prez. Hilldog!

paul said...

Reading the "news" can be discouraging. Multiple perspectives and sources are important for critical readers to continue to be 'informed citizens'. Online news (Alternet, NY Times, Boston Globe, BostonChannel, etc) are some suggestions to browse. Online blogging has potential, but can also 'blog' one down.

Paul Duff

fitzskins said...

OMG DUDE!!!!! i just found the coolest pocket on my pants. werd