Saturday, March 7, 2009

There is no perfect

Is there a perfect lesson? My first two years of teaching I asked myself that every day and I had a lot of crazy ideas come from this question. I once thought teachers were limited so my theory was to make the best math lesson. The theory running through my mind combined technology, media videos, and lecture into one perfect lesson . I saw the future math classrooms in the country running a computer program like Max Headrum. Or like the diner scene from Back to the Future part 2 starring Michael J. Fox. The person in the classroom would turn on the TV ( by the way the lesson would be designed and starring me, but I will be in another location teaching everyone via satillite) and then the monitor would just sit there like typical bathroom monitor. There would be one way to teach (my way because I want to be the best math teacher); standard form, graphing equations and other math lessons. It is evident this was wrong. I couldn't see that I was naive, but I was. I was unprepared. The only way to give, guide, or recieve the right kind of message was to realize there is no perfect lesson. The only certainty is there are forever new kinds of lessons for new different people. Foster original and new ideas everyday and that should be the same constistant lesson. Hopefully more poeple will become curious and filled with questions just that one. Crazy idea huh?

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eanderson said...

you know if I became a teacher, all of my lessons would disprove this entire post