Sunday, March 15, 2009

The technology we use

If we use technology in education more than lecturing then we have a chance to reach more students ( not just from the classroom). Some teachers are fishing in barrel by lecturing for an hour and a half but we still can't catch anything. But use technolgy as bait and it's like fishing in a barrel using dynamite. You will get them. How do you learn best? Even kids in elementary school use computers for touching up pictures. ( that was from a PC commercial on TV) Everyone can be reached using technology.
The "technology is math" idea is something I heard from a student and it caused me to ask a different question. Isn't technology used for everything? If you want to cure cancer use technology. Cars , electricity, and computers were all impossible but now they all exist. Isn't everything technology?Even my idea of holograms being on every students desk is now possible. It even seems like TI has the calculator for everything I just mentioned. We now need the new free thinkers, our students, to find new ways to use technology to teach. And in the process the next great idea will come. That is what I want to do my entire life; seek a great idea to share and let back into the ocean. That would make me the happiest. Until I catch it again.

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