Monday, March 2, 2009

We borrow too much

Standard of living has gone up with the internet allowing us to see the LA and richy people lifes. We know immmediately and the ADD levels go up. We can't continue this. Change the children.

The banks will not be all ok in 8 monthes.

The govenment will hire enough people and take over the banks one weekend, like they did in the 80's with the Coninential Illinios Bank. The govenment will take over the banks . Someone has to buy up the Toxic assets.

Obama has to clean up Bush's mess... No He had th eperfect mentality that is all . A metality of I have money so everyone does.

The Obama campaign may be known as the one who saved the world not just saved the American Dream. That is strange considering right now he is a failure at making a himself understood. He is abused everywhere. We are abused by the standard of living.

I will see if 5 million buys some mortgages. I would like to buy low and sell higher. And that is why I will succeed. But that is why everyone has failed. They didn't see it coming.

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