Saturday, October 31, 2009


Is learning important to you?

I would say yes the most important. I am a teacher.

Is being being right the first time important?

No not really. As long as you get it eventually.

This is scary becasue when I was a high school kid, it was the other way around. I made a lot of mistake until I got it.


egrasso10 said...

Intervention shoed me:

Duh Learning is most important for me as a teacher, but it wasn't always so obvious.

I use to think that being right the first time (when you say or play a sport) was not important. Queen even sang a song about being right the first time. But like Jeff Vanvonderen said, you get into trouble when you are not honest about what is important. Breakthroughs happen when you are able to share. I had to share with principals, teachers, and family but I didn’t. My effectiveness at 21 (first year teaching) was poor.

I have since switched, but it took time to be honest.

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