Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Population Control

Question is Respond to the following statement. The world is slowly becoming over populated. Is that true? Is it possible to over populate the planet, if so what can be done for population control. Some countries have a limits on the number. Be careful and tasteful and nonviolent.


cellardoor217 said...

yeh dude. the world is already soo over populated. there is hardly n' e room in the hole planet for n' e thing but us. there is also not enough resorces for the planet to suport all of us n' e more. even when we do mess with difrent organisms dna to make it produse more of whatever we want from it. i think that people should try n' be aware of what we are doing to the planet n' then make a concence efort to change, even if it is not one hundred precent convenent for us. we need to also stop being selfish n' shortsighted, concidering we are not the only organism that lives on our planet, n' sertainly not the most important. i don't know why we think that we have the right to mess with apsolutly everything. n' we think that we can just kill of other species n' cut down there habitats because we need more space or we need more suplys. what about all of the animals that have been living n' peace till we inialated them n' there homes. they needed things to, but no... APARENTLY we are more important then n' e thing else. :/

n' there should be benifits (such as tax breaks) for only have one or two children. n' more people should make it easer to adopt when they are gay or lesbian. :] cause they can n' do just adoped n' help to balence it out n' stuf. n' peple should stop pooping one everyone who is a bit difrent or belives difrently then they do. n' i apoligise for my rant.

Shantelle said...

The population is growing at a rapid pace. the event that should be taken is a limit to the number of children one household. If we do not take action on this matter, then there will be no food or any supplies do to the over populated crowed in the world.

tyana j said...

i believe it is true that our world is becoming over populated & that soon we will be wayy too crowded. we can solve this problem by finding other planets that can support human life. another way is by just becoming one country so w eare all spread out

janelle said...

Yes the world is over populated. If we have to decrease the population then we should have a limit on how many kids people can have. I don't think the limit should be one because I think its great to grow up having a brother or sister. I think the limit should be 3 or 4. This may seem high but compared to people that are having 8 or more kids this isn't high at all.

Parke MacLean said...

Alright Grasso, couldn't help myself, I read the article and now I want to post. You've got some pretty interesting comments so far.

I've been debating this concept for a long time, and I'm finally glad I have to chance to share my thoughts.

Nature's population control is natural selection. "Survival of the fittest" as Darwin put it. Before the appearance of the human, this worked fine. This is where it gets interesting: I don't think humans were SUPPOSED to start developing tools. Discovering tools lead to the discovery of even more tools.
What is so important about tools? Technology. To the caveman, a club was technology. It was a tool that enabled him to do countless things, whether it shaping rocks for axes or bashing another caveman, it was technology. Slowly as our minds began to evolve, we started developing more tools. The stone age, copper age, bronze age, and iron age all gave way to more technological developments.

So what does this have to do with population? Well, the aforementioned technology allowed us to create medicines, build houses, mass produce food, etc.

And what did all these things do?
Increased the human life span.
We're not dying more slowly than we're repopulating because of the technology we have created. Take away all our technology, and the population will would regulate. (Theoretically.)

The solutions are numerous, but the morals of each one are questionable. Some people think that having 1 child is a great idea; others think that have a sibling(s) will ensure better social development and what not.

I won't answer your prompt, I let the your other students do that. But I figured I'd share my thoughts as to WHY we are where we are, population.

Robert said...

It is unlikely the world will ever become over populated. Smaller countries may be having a population problem do to lack of land. These problems must be adressed to avoid war. Small highly populated countries sometimes invade larger countries. Such as Japan invading and immigrating to Manchuria. Highly populated countries should encourage immigration to larger less populated countries. Further advances in technology may allow us to colonize wastelands such as Siberia, Greenland, and even Antarctica. The world as a whole still has plenty more land to occupy. Over population is not a major concern, and human population should not be restricted.

Blog Manager said...

I definately think that it's possible for the world to become over-populated. I don't think that there should be a limit to how many children families can have. I believe that you should be able to have as many children as you want, as long as you are able to supprt them. You should not bring a child into this world if you cannot give them a good education, or provide them with clothing or food.

George Gillis said...

yes, the world is slowly becoming over populated. That is an undeniable fact. As far as the world becoming overpopulated develops a strong opinionated question. I believe somehwere millions and millions of years from now it could become overpopulated but there is so much space there is no way it can over populate to the point where in 50 years theres going to be too many people. I do think there should be a child rule whether the population is over populated or not because there are egtting to be too many parents that arnt actual parents' and abuse child after child. If i had the choice i would set the child limit to 3. I think alot of people bring this situation to be a little more attenion sided than other probloms, mostly because of the resources. this could be true but i dont know for a fact i havnt read too much about it, but in fact i do know the govt. is corrupt in the fact they say we are running out of oil. anybody that has a brian can tell you there is enough oil to last the rest of the world whether it's in the U.S. or somehwere around the world, oil is always possible to attain. AS always though, as of late with this country. people in this society are ripping it apart and making a bad name for every American who has good intensions in making a better society for this country and unfortunatly those good intentioned people are the minority now and we are sitting ducks. Obama isnt going to do a damn thing for this country whether its for the population, or any type of environment, a matter of fact he is so patheticly selfish and naive of the middle east he has decided to go forth with a war and made it near impossible to kill the enemy without losing at least 1 American. At least Bush let them do their job..... sry about the off topic tlk at the end