Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ticket Problem Systems of Equations

What is your best ticket problem?


amelia1994 said...

Mr. Taylor is buying warm-up pants and jackets for the entire track team.

Jackets cost $30 and pants cost $40.

If the total cost of jackets and pants was $120, how many pants and how many jackets did he buy?

dan f said...

joe is going to buy his skate team some new shoes and boards

the nike SB shoes hes buying cost $100
the boards cost $60

joe spent $1200 on his team
how many boards and shoes did joe buy?

oxmcs said...

A family of 8 went to the movies, the tickets cost $7.50 for children 12 and under and $10 people 13 and up. The total cost of all the tickets came to $70. How many tickets were bought of children 12 and under? How many were bought for people 13 and up?

matt kelley said...

Mike is buying some Celtics sports ware. He can get a Kevin Garnett jersey for 50 dollars, and Paul Pierce bobble heads for 20 dollars. How much of each can he buy with 70 dollars?

cmb24 said...

A dance team consisting of 15 girls, each girl is going to buy either new tap or jazz shoes. Tap shoes cost $45.00 and Jazz shoes cost $35.00. If $585.00 was spent, how many girls bought each type of shoe?

zws said...

cartman and butters are going to the movies to see the lord of the rings and they are going to bring 4 of their friends. stan, kyle, kenny, and cheif were invited.

if the kids tickets are $8 and the total cost is $52 what is the price of the adult ticket?